Friday, June 22, 2012

Hype Energy Review

Hype Energy introduces its self as more than just an energy drink. Their drinks range from fruity, to a shot, to organic. Being one of the first energy drinks to hit the market in 1993, is distribute in more than 40 countries, but originally started in France. Created by the Hard Rock Cafe founder Barry Fox, the motor-sport scene immediately picked up on it, including the Formula One lifestyle.

Each Hype Energy drink has its own flavor and its own benefit.
Hype Energy is fruity making it a good mixer or alone. It has 10 vitamins, low carbonation, has cranberry, elderberry, caffeine, taurine, guarana & ginseng and has no artificial colors or preservatives.
MFP is like a traditional energy drink, with 5 vitamins, low carbonation, contains caffeine and taurine PLUS guarana and has no artificial colors or preservatives.
Enlite is low in calories, has 4 vitamins and low carbonation.
Organic is USDA and EU certified as organic, contains no artificial colors,  preservatives, taurine or artificial caffeine, and has extracts of white tea, aloe vera and guarana as well as organic sugar cane, apple juice and acerola juice.
Shot is non-carbonated, has 4 vitamins, and has caffeine and taurine. It's the perfect size to take on the go as it can fit in your pocket or purse!

I received 4 of the 5 drinks along with a cute little shot glass. Both my husband and I decided to try them together. We're always wanting more energy. He works 7 days a week most of the time, anywhere between 8 and 12 hour days, and we have an 8 month old and a 3 year old running around all the time. So energy is something we lack on most days. Our Keurig is a must-have for us.

 The MFP definitely tasted like a typical energy drink. I'd compare it to the big name brands you see in stores and advertised. It's nothing I haven't tasted before.
Hype Energy tasted a lot like sour gummies. It left an extremely sour taste in my mouth and was hard for me to drink. My hubby loved it though.
The Enlite tasted interesting. It was like a diet energy drink yet didn't leave a bad after taste. My hubby wasn't fond of it
The Organic was by far both of our favorite. It tasted like a bubbly apple juice. I'm in love with this one!
All 4 of the drinks definitely supplied me with enough energy for a few hours.
After trying each of the Hype Energy drinks, I am quite impressed. (one of the drinks is missing in the picture because my hubby through it away.) The cans are very bright (unfortunately my camera is being picky today) and definitely stick out!

Thank you Hype for the amazing drinks! I'm definitely on the lookout to buy a case of the Organic!

Hype Energy sent me 4 drinks to review. I am not compensated for my reviews, so I do not make money on them. My review is in no way influenced by anything other than my personal opinion.

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