Lunette Menstrual Cup Review

After having 5 kids, my period came back full force. It was like a rage inside my body that released and decided to take over. Well, I decided it was time to take control again. Lunette has helped me in so many ways.

Made with medical-grade silicone, the Lunette cup is perfect for every woman. It eliminates yeast, bacteria and odor leaving only cleanliness and comfort!

Lunette cups are super easy to use. It's even better than tampons. Just fold the cup, and insert. You can leave in for hours, pull out, empty, wipe/wash and reuse. It's seriously as simple as that, and much better for you than tampons. Being a reusable cup makes it better for the environment and you too! You save money on other disposable items by only needing to buy 1 cup! 

Before using the cup, I boiled it for 20 minutes. After letting it cool, it was ready to use. It went in so easily and held steady, didn't leak, and was super comfortable. I found that I was able to do more and didn't feel so uncomfortable as I do wearing a tampon. It was easy to pull out, dump, rinse, wash and reuse. I love that I don't have to carry around a ton of products anymore when going out. It comes with a really nice satin storage/carry bag to keep in when not in use. 

The Lunette cup comes in 2 sizes. The size one is for women that have a lighter flow, and the size two is for women with a normal or heavier flow. They come in numerous colors too! 

Saving Money with Groupon Coupons

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

I'm often asked how we can manage to take 5 kids out to do fun things such as going to the zoo, parks, events, traveling, etc. Well, we drink lots of coffee, carry numerous bags full of changes of clothes, diapers, wipes, snacks, etc, and we also check Groupon Coupons for discounts and deals! 

Groupon Coupons offers great coupons for most commonly shopped places, from Carters to Kohl's to Zenni Optical and more. You can find and print the coupons at home before you go, or check out the options on your mobile device! It's great for on-the-go shopping, making those last minute decision shopping trips even better. 

Saving money on every day items helps, especially when you're living on a budget. From clothing to house hold supplies to back to school to sports equipment to travel and vacation, Groupon Coupons has something for every one.

I love being able to get what we want and need at discounts. The Groupon Coupons site makes it easy to save tons of money. The site and mobile app are very easy to navigate, it's super easy to print or even just show the coupon on my phone to the cashier. I love saving money with Groupon Coupons! 

They have verified coupons from many retailers. Back to school shopping, date night, summer trips, a new summer wardrobe, remodeling the house, it's all cheaper with coupons from Groupon Coupon. Search by retailer, by category or location and find coupons for what you are buying. 

Some of the popular coupons right now are:

  • $20 off Foot Locker
  • 35% off major appliances at Best Buy
  • 20% off Carter's
  • 15% off Travelocity
  • 10% off Hertz

So before you plan that awesome summer vacation, check out Groupon Coupons and get your whole family a new summer wardrobe, gather up coupons for meals and outings, and plan away! You won't regret saving money on something you were already going to do, and you might find that you'll be able to do more with Groupon Coupons

Have you used Groupon Coupons before? What deals have you taken advantage of through them?

Check them out on Facebook and Twitter too!

Jord Wood Watches Review + Giveaway

"The value of a watch is not in being able to tell how much time has passed, but in being aware of the need to make that time count. Moments are bigger than minutes and your watch should tell more than time."

Creating timepieces modeled after modern lifestyles, the staff at Jord spends days designing gorgeous wood watches for people that "don't just have somewhere to go, they have somewhere to be." Valuing sustainability, efficiency and experimental living, each timepiece is unique and well thought out. 

My favorite of their watches is the stunning Ely Red Sandalwood watch. This watch has a classic face plate including scratch-resistant mineral glass. It sports the Citizen Miyota 2035 as the heart and brain of the watch. This watch is made from hand finished natural red sandalwood and is pretreated with tung oils. It is splash proof but should not be submerged fully in water. It's super easy to clean the wood as well with lemon or orange extract.

 The Ely Red Sandalwood watch gets its name from Ely Walker Warehouse, one of the many historic buildings that spans Jord's hometown of St Louis. The Ely Walker Warehouse has been renovated and turned into gorgeous lofts. Honoring the beautiful building, both the watch and the warehouse stand the test of time with solid construction and classic styling. The red sandalwood has gorgeous tones of red, ranging from a vibrant fluid red to dark shades. 

The quality of Jord's Ely Red Sandalwood watch is dazzling. The feel of the wood is soft and sturdy. The clasp is easy to use and hidden well behind the wood. The color, fading from bright red to dark red, is enough to stand out beautifully. The watch comes in a lovely wooden box, the lid slides off and reveals the beautiful watch that is fastened around a wonderful little pillow. It makes the perfect display case and storage for when you're not wearing it. 

Jord definitely impressed me with their wonderful quality of watch, super fast shipping, and wonderful selection of styles and designs. 

How would you like to sport your own beautiful Jord watch? Enter to win a $75 gift card to Jord Watches here. Everyone who enters will win a $20 gift card, but one lucky winner will win a $75 gift card! Giveaway ends 5/29 at 11:59 pm. Good luck!

Mystical Mojo Box - Sacral Chakra Box Review

Getting in touch with yourself, your real inner self, is important. Mystical Mojo Box helps you on your journey with a monthly subscription box filled with items from different spiritual paths. Each box is hand picked and has a theme. 

Mystical Mojo Box offers three different boxes. One is the Mini Mojo box which offer 2 stones or 1 stone and one item. The Mini Mojo is $12/month. Another box is the Crystal Mojo which includes 2-3 crystals themed for the month. The Crystal Mojo is $15/month. Another box is the Mega Mojo which is 5-6 special items to bring magick and mindfulness to our life based o the month's theme. The mega box also includes 1-2 high valued items which could even be jewelry! The mega box is $45/month. Check out each box here. Orders collected before the 15th of each month ship the first of the following month. They offer shipping in the US, UK and Canada. 

I received the March Sacral Chakra Box containing a Citrine Point, Selenite Wand, Sacral Chakra Votive candle, Ohm Lotus mug with Sacral Chakra Buddha Tea, a Copper Chakra Bracelet with magnets and a gorgeous bag! The box was very well put together, each item is unique and gorgeous! I love that the bracelet and mug are hand made and wonderful. The bag is gorgeous an very well made and beautiful. I know how much my sister loves these kinds of items so after I got a great look at them and took advantage of the mug, I passed a few of the items on to her and she has been in love with everything I gifted. 

Check out Mystical Mojo Box and grab your own box! You will love having some new crystals and goodies to guide you in your spiritual journey. Check them out on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and their website

Daphyls Rock and Roll Inspired Baby Products

August 1982 – When Rob Halford belted out his legendary verse, “If you think I’ll sit around and watch this world go by, you’re thinking like a fool…” he likely didn’t realize that he was speaking to the future inspiration for a baby products company. But as it happens, along with countless other verses, songs, melodies and Rock personalities, it is exactly what was happening.

Bringing rock and roll to baby products, Daphyls products are the coolest things for the next generation. From sippy cups to strollers to toys and more, they've brought our favorite rock bands to every day baby items! Elvis, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead and even more, there's a favorite rock-inspired item for every future rocker! 

Their sippy cups are seriously the best I've ever seen! And I've seen a LOT of sippy cups in my years... The tops are so easy to take apart and clean. The silicone mouth piece pops right out, leaving just a plastic screw on top and a cover. The cup is one piece and easy to clean too. I can even throw them in the dishwasher! There's not 3049832043 pieces to these cups, which makes them so much better than others. 

And look at those designs! The Who and The Beatles! The colors are vibrant, the designs are gorgeous and the bands rock. They haven't faded or chipped in the wash. I've noticed most other cups tend to start to fade after being tossed in the dish washer which really bothers me. 

The Daphyls sippy cups are sturdy and don't leak. They have a great top piece that covers the mouth piece which keeps it clean when you're on the go, or when your kid is rocking outside and throwing her cup in the dirt, pouring dirt out of a bucket on top of the cup or sharing with the cat. 

Check out the Daphyls variety of products on their site, Target, and

Hoover Wind Tunnel 3 High Performance Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum Review

While I love the functionality of this vacuum, it hits less than perfect for me.

The Hoover Wind Tunnel 3 High Performance Pet Bagless Upright vacuum is a decent vacuum for my actively messy 5 kiddos. It definitely picks up almost everything on the floor, pulling things out of the carpet when my kids have decided that cereal is better smashed into tiny crumbles and pushed into the carpet. However, it refused to pick up bigger pieces, such as torn up bread and full pieces of cereal. The front does not have enough space between the frame and the floor to allow them to pass into the sucking zone.

This vacuum is also really hard to push. It doesn't pull its self using the rotating floor scrubber like most others. I struggled to push it across my carpeted floors, which is very low carpet. It was impossible for my 7 year old to push it. 

The attachment pieces are great. They're so versatile. The hose is extra long, as is the cord, making it easy to get into places I need without having to plug in somewhere else, drag the canister everywhere, and worry about unplugging without meaning to.

All in all, it's a great vacuum if you're strong enough to push it. It has great sucking power and range. 

Graco Modes Duo Stroller Review

I am extremely picky when it comes to strollers. I've looked at so many double strollers and couldn't find one to fall in love with. This double stroller is perfect in almost every single way. 
I love that the Graco Modes Duo Stroller is adaptable to each of my kids. I can set it up in 27 different positions from both seats front facing to one front facing one rear facing, to one front or rear facing and the back seat turned into a seat or a standing platform and more. It's very versatile! 

As a mom of 5 kids, ranging in ages from 1 to 7, having different seating setups is definitely needed. My oldest kiddo likes to stand on the back, but cannot fit in the seats very comfortably. 
The seats are very padded, making them extremely comfortable. Each seat clips in place and is very easy to unbuckle and flip or remove with just the pull of a little button on the side. They also wipe clean very easily as well. Each seat can either be a 3 or 5 point harness as well! The colors are nice and neutral - black and white. The design is very pretty!  

The frame of the Modes Duo Stroller folds down almost flat, making it easy to store. It's light weight so I can put it in the back of my van with no issues. The seats, however, are harder to travel with as they don't fold down flat making it harder to fit them in the back of my van with the frame. I've made do, but cannot see out the back window with both seats and the frame. The folding cup holder bar is amazing though! It latches on and unlatches easily. 

Having four wheels on the back and two in the front makes this a very sturdy stroller. The front wheels spin, making it easy to maneuver on all terrain. The back has four which makes it safe for someone to stand on the back. 

There is a great utility/storage basket on the bottom that fits a ton of things! It runs the whole length of the stroller, so there's plenty of space! 

All in all, this is a great stroller despite the issue with the seats not being able to fold flat. 

1byone 10,000 mAh Dual USB Port Portable Charger Review

My phone is my life-line. From work emails, to blogging, to YouTube videos of kid songs to keep the kiddos entertained while we sit at the doctor's office, to my calendar of appointments, to my camera and more, my phone is seriously like another brain for me. I'm constantly draining the battery! I hate grabbing it to find that it wont turn on, that dead battery sign is a pain. 

The 1byone 10,000 mAh Dual USB Port Portable Charger is amazing. This little slim external power bank charges my phone's battery as well as my kindle, my husband's phone, my son's phone and more. Charging two devices at once is amazing! It charges super fast too! The LCD screen is very bright, displaying how much life it has left by percentage. The bright blue numbers on the black screen are clear and easy to read. 

I love this external battery charging pack because it's slim, can fit in my pocket or purse or diaper bag and doesn't take up a ton of space. It's super fast charging speeds, and the bright LCD screen are amazing. I can't go anywhere without it! 

Check out this power saving tool on Amazon. It's currently $20.99 and worth every penny!

Educational Toys from Le Bundle

As a mom doing some preschool-at-home with three kiddos, having fun and playing while learning is very important. Educational toys are fun, but kids get bored after a bit of playing with the same toys over and over. Le Bundle offers fun educational toys on a monthly rental basis. 

We received some of the coolest toys! One set is a beehive, with little honey combs that you can set up in different patterns, laying down or standing up, and concentrate on fine motor skills to put the bees in each honeycome. They're also very colorful, so you can match or mis-match colors! Another is a really cool fine-motor skill fishing set. You use these cute little wooden fishing poles to catch little wooden fish. Each fish is a different color! Another set is little animals that stack! There's 2 of every animal, and it comes with a really cool boat (think Noah's Ark!) you stack the animals on the boat to balance them. If you have too many on one side, it leans and they all fall off! It's a really cool game! 

Le Bundle's educational psychologist picked out some of the best educational toys for development milestones, packing each monthly box with fun and learning as well as awesome tips to help teach and inspire kids. Helping kids with their physical, cognitive, and social emotional skills as well as hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, visual memory, critical thinking, each box is filled with fun toys to help children explore various diversities and languages to become culturally sensitive. 

Toys are sanitized (find out about the process here) using child friendly, EPA approved, bleach free, 100% organic sanitizers. Le Bundle's toys are handed out to charities as their last home.

Le Bundle boxes start at $19.99 and ship free both ways! Check them out for a monthly dose of fun learning for your kiddos!  A subscription to Le Bundle would make a great gift for any kid, birthdays, homeschooling, holidays or just because!